Founded in 2003, DRM SEARCH GROUP concentrates resources and efforts to ensure that law firms and top tier attorneys find each other.  We operate on the idea that legal recruiting is more about building relationships and making the right connection, matching the firms and qualified attorneys that share common ideas and needs.

Our staff has more than 20 years of combined experience, with backgrounds in law and recruiting.   This is what allows us to provide more effective services and better pair attorneys with law firms. When it comes legal employment solutions, we're the company to contact.


DRM conducts job searches based on your individual career goals, practice areas, geographic locations and partnerhip opportunities.  Our recruiters are former attorneys with the experience and knowledge needed to match top lawyers with top law firms.  Our services include resume assistance and intervierw scheduling. 


DRM uses it's legal and recruiting experience to direct our attorney searches to meet your firm specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with top tier candidates whose education and experience meet or exceed your requirements. It is our job to do the searching and save you time and money.